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Pub Snooker, the free flash snooker game with snooker Tournamants, Challenges and Time Attacks. Make big breaks and become the Pub Champion - Are you good enough to be rank #1?


3-Reds Snooker Game Mode

3-Reds Snooker is just like normal snooker, but after potting a red, another red is added randomly to the table - so there are only ever 3-reds on the table. The number of reds added to the table are limited, once all of the reds are potted then the game continues to the colours as normal - yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. You can play 3-Reds Snooker tournaments in Pub Snooker (Flash Game). 3-Reds Snooker Game Mode was created by NipponMonkey for Pub Snooker (Flash Game). Enjoy!

Play 3-Reds Snooker tournaments and challenges. There are two 3-Reds Snooker challenges, one where you have to try to clear the table (15-reds in total) with only 5-misses. You get a bigger score for making a big break and for good accuracy. The 3-Reds Infinite challenge is similar, but the game doesn't end until you run out of lives. After you pot the 15-reds and the colours, the table is reset and the game goes on. Your score is the amount of points you can get before losing all of your lives.


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