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Pub Snooker, the free flash snooker game with snooker Tournamants, Challenges and Time Attacks. Make big breaks and become the Pub Champion - Are you good enough to be rank #1?


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Play Snooker on Facebook, Pub Snooker is one of the best facebook snooker games you'll find on facebook. In the facebook app version of Pub Snooker all of your top scores, trophies and stats submitted earn you special Pub Points, and you can share them with your facebook friends. All the Pub Snooker facebook leaderboards can be viewed by friends scores or global scores - so you can always see if your friends have beaten you best scores. Find out more about Pub Snooker on facebook here: Pub Snooker on Facebook

Pub Snooker is one of the best flash snooker games you'll find on facebook. Pub Snooker has many modes including tournaments and challenges, and has some of the best computer AI players in any flash snooker game. Try the Beat the Magician challenge to see this. Enjoy!

Pub Snooker is one of the best 2D flash snooker games around with intelligent computer players, tournaments and challenges. And now you can play it on the English Pub Pool facebook app - One of the best free snooker games on facebook. It's snooker on a pool table - enjoy the game!


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